Monday, August 6, 2012

Weather and Hay

It's been a dreadfully hot summer here in upstate New York with temps reaching 94-100 degrees and high humidity. There's been very little to no rain until recently.

The long and short of it is, my farmer friends, who supply hay locally, said hay will be scarce this year. They recommend horse and stable owners to get their hay suppliers lined up immediately. Two hay suppliers are suggested. And fill your barns now with hay. Prices are going up and hay is in short supply due to the weather conditions.

For those of you who fly by the seat of your pants, get poor hay at bargain prices from anyone who has it, or buy as needed,'re going to be out of luck this year.

For those of us you who board your horses or are looking for a place to board , be sure to find a barn that is well-stocked with good quality hay and be sure the stable owner uses a reputable, regular hay supplier.

Take care and happy trails.